Audio quality issues with USB audio devices

USB audio quality is related to
  • computer settings,
  • computer power,
  • USB settings and USB connection,
  • audio drivers (Audio or WASAPI mode)
  • the speakers, amplifier or headphones use
so in case of audio quality with USB audio devices, the needed pieces of information are

1) A description of the computer environment
  • computer brand and model, and the type of computer (laptop or desktop)
  • USB audio device brand, model and audio drivers version
  • Windows or macOS version
  • USB connection (direct USB port or via a USB hub or via a USB-C converter, brand & model of the USB-C converter, type of USB port (USB 2, USB 3, USB-C))
  • speakers or headphones brand & model, which input on speakers if speakers have several inputs.    
2) A description of the audio issue
  • type of sound issue: noise, hiss, crakles, ....
  • is it constant hear even when playing silence or do you hear it only when playing sound
  • if you hear it in speakers, do you hear it also in headphones, and vice-versa?


Hercules STAFF3

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