DJControl Mix / Change FX controlled by DJControl Mix pads in djay iOS

DJControl Mix 4-pad per deck enable/disable 4 FX in FX mode in djay iOS & Android.

Changing the FX assigned to the DJControl Mix pads is not possible in djay 3 for Android, but it is possible in djay 3 for iOS (both Free and Pro version).
  • Display djay in 2-turntables mode
  • Press on the mixer icon below the tempo fader
  • Press on FX
  • Select Instant: the top 4 Instant FX match the 4 pads on the DJ controller
  • Press on the pencil icon:  3 dots appear on right of each FX name
  • Press on the 3-dot icon for the pad FX: you can select your FX in a list of 8 FX: Absorb, Chop, Crush, Drift, Punch, Sway, Twist, Wash

  • If you have djay Pro, you have more options : Neural Mix, Echo Out 1/4, Echo Out 3/4, Loop 1/2


Hercules STAFF3

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