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The best microphone for Hercules Impulse 500

DJarum Blak

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Posté le 08/27/22 à 20:17:35
I'm having issues getting my mic to work. I have the Maono Condenser Microphone and there is no sound at all. I followed the steps that the Hercules team support sent but still nothing. Any clues to what I'm doing wrong? Is it the wrong type of mic?  Help?

User Experience Team

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Posté le 08/29/22 à 20:21:19
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Hello DJarum Black,

Welcome to the forum.

Condenser microphones require an external power supply (48v phantom power) for their internal electronics: there is no phantom power on the microphone input of DJControl Inpulse 500 or on any DJ controller/mixer I know, so without this phantom power the output level of your microphone is too low.

Condenser microphones are generally used for studio or podcast recording: they are great to be used in silence, or in environment where the outside sound is controlled, as a studio, but not for noisy environments as DJing, as they are so sensitive they may cause larsen with speakers feedback. 

Microphones for DJing are
- dynamic vocal microphones,
- with an impedance between 100 to 600 ohms (DJC inpulse 500 microphone input is OK with 600-ohm dynamic microphones, but many USB power DJ controllers prefer lower impedance, as 200 ohms)
- in general handheld,
- as a personal choice, I prefer with a on/off switch, and with a unidirectional pattern

As DJC Inpulse 500 has a balanced input, you should connect a cable with a balanced 1/4" TRS connector (if you use an unbalanced cable, it will work, but the mic will not be balanced so the sound quality will not be as good as it should), so many cheap dynamic microphones will work much better with DJC Inpulse 500 if you replace the included XLR to 1/4" unbalanced (mono like) cable with a XLR to 1/4" balanced (= stereo like) cable. 

I did not see which is the Maono condenser microphone you have
but condenser = non supported on DJ controllers (audio devices supporting analog condenser microphones have generally a button with +48v or phantom label.