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Hi everyone! I`m new here.


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Publicado el 04/12/21 a 11:07:35

Recently I was told that it is better to make introduction post about myself before publishing some reflections. Well, sounds logically.

I'm Drobot and I'm a DJ and co-founder of Basanta Music – a new born team from Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Big idea inspires me. The desire to change approaches, processes, and established things. And our team will definitely make contribution to the transformation of electronic music. I am charged by seeing the burning eyes of "my" people. Most importantly, I found them. We look one way and fly one way. I myself play in the musical directions Melodic House / Techno, Soul House, perform and exchange vibes with the audience. By the way, you can listen to my live performances on my YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfRabzq9B2DhQEgH15QHPPA

Also I have my playlist named KMC. For me it’s an opportunity to share my inspiration with the world. Some release 40 selections a year, some even more. However, I think KMC playlist is unique, different from others. He has a completely different concept. Several years ago I was inspired by my DJ friends. And I started my journey into the world of electronic music by creating a playlist in Apple Music. I named it Kharkiv Music Channel. Even then, I felt global.

Music unites. And the KMC is proof of this.

Today there are 240 tracks, which is almost 26 hours of music. Tracks that are shared by my friends, relatives, subscribers or people I don’t even know personally. I can feel the incredible vibe they are creating. Because each track is someone’s story, some kind of life situation that resonates in the soul. KMC is like a ray of light of electronic music, the hope that electronic music in our country will reach the correct status in terms of legislation, recognition by society, recognition and protection of artists, support from the state. We fill the KMC with deep meaning and I am sure that everyone will find a part of themselves in it. You can listen to it on Apple Music, SoundCloud or Spotify by the link https://linktr.ee/djdrobot

So here I am. I will be glad to share my thoughts and find out yours. Tell me please about your favorite bloggs here and what you are searching here for?

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Publicado el 04/18/21 a 19:34:01
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Welcome on the forum.
I can listen to your music on SoundCloud, but I get an error on Youtube, maybe because your mix music on which Youtube bans the playback.
Youtube bans and threatens users very easily for music copyright infringement, that is the reason why most DJs have moved to Twitch.