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Impulse 500 problems cue point, etc..


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Posted on 05/26/23 at 15:13:55
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Hi, I'm Dacodj,

and I have an impulse 500, I have a couple of desperate problems djuced 5.3.7, my pc is an i5 8gb of ram, and even setting the buffer to 32ms in ASIO I can't solve the problem, the first is that the software doesn't allow me to create a random cue point in any section of the song, it only lets me create cue, in the vertical bars that appear throughout the song,

the other problem is that when I press the select button to preview, there is a jump or a braking on the song that is playing on the master, does anyone know what could be happening?  

Hi have i5 8gb ram, windows 10

also say that with serato lite and serato pro, I do not have these problems

Another thing, does anyone know how to configure the sensitivity of the jog wheel in serato to be able to make longer backspins?

I have