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Inpulse 500 Traktor Pro Mapping Help


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Posted on 03/11/23 at 19:18:13
Hello guys, I bought the inpulse 500 2 weeks ago and yesterday I decided to start using traktor pro 3 again as I know this software very well.

For my convenience, I mapped the Mic Volume knob of the Inpulse 500 to traktor fx 1 wet/dry knob of the traktor fx section and it works really well. I also mapped the "assistance" button to the on/off switch of that same fx 1 feature of traktor pro 3 and this works perfect as well.

Now, my problem is when I try to midi map the ring light of the mic volume knob to turn on when I use it for the fx.
I have mapped a lot of controller for Traktor pro in the past but none had a ring like this knob so I'm stuck.
I was trying for 3 hours straight to map it but when I see the midi notes manual of the Inpulse 500 I don't really understand what the output notes really mean.How do they translate in Traktor pro 3.

Anyone here that could possibly help me?

User Experience Team

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Posted on 03/13/23 at 11:08:45
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Hello Georgepitoo,

The MIC LEDs ring is a hardware Vu-Meter, showing continuously the mic input level, so the MIDI instruction you send to light on this ring is rapidly replaced by the LED off instruction sent by the audio input DSP as the Mic sends no audio input. 

It means you can control the LEDs in the mic ring, but just as a blink, you cannot display a continuous LED status on this vu meter (exactly as the AUX Vol vu meter or the master Vu-meter: they are controlled by the audio DSP in DJControl Inpulse 500, and the DSP instructions replace your MIDI commands).

To Light On (for 1 blink) the MIC Vol Ring:
- Green: send 90 10 7F in Hexadecimal (90 = MIDI Note on Channel 0, 10 = Note E1, Value 127
- Red: send 90 11 7F in hexadecimal (90 = MIDI Note on Channel 0, 11 = Note F1, Value 127)