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Remapping Inpulse 200


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Posted on 01/09/23 at 14:46:44
Hello, I was wondering if you could help me remap my Inpulse 200. I found an old thread where a file with similar remap was shared but the link has expired. 

I want to achieve the following:
  • SHIFT+ HIGH EQ knob = Control the MID EQ (Can also be SHIFT+ LOW EQ) 
  • SHIFT + GAIN knob = Control FX knob - for example if I have "GATE" on FX position 1 turned ON to be able to control the knob/value via SHIFT + GAIN 
I tried looking at a XML file to try and do it myself but I am not sure exactly how to do the SHIFT + something combinations. 

Thank you !

User Experience Team

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Posted on 01/09/23 at 19:43:34
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Hello just.....,

Welcome to the forum.

I think I posted some XML with EQ HIGH+ MID on the EQ HIGH knob of Inpulse 200, but I did not map and will not map a SHIFT+ HIGH EQ = MID EQ as the EQ HIGH knob position would become a nightmare, you would continuously be lost between the 2 different positions, the virtual and the real position of the EQ knob.

In the same way, I would not map something on the SHIFT+GAIN knob, the Gain knob is too important to be disturbed by something else.

Knobs are not like push keys: after you turn a knob + shift, the knob position has changed while the main feature assigned to the knob (without shift) has not changed, so you are lost among the virtual and the real position of the knob. It remains understandable if you control different tracks between shift and not shift, but it is a problem in the mapping you propose here.