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Universal DJ remapping request


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Posted on 10/28/22 at 06:48:54
Hi, please allow me to use the pre-cue volume level buttons on the controller to be remapped to adjust mixing level instead between pre-cue (-) and master (+). I could not find any option to do this on the app and even the keyboard mapping for this didn't work. But I really prefer to hv it remapped. Thanks.

User Experience Team

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Posted on 10/28/22 at 20:42:18
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Hello Vish17,

Welcome to the forum.

When looking at Universal DJ MIDI controls manual here, I do not see these 2 keys so I suppose they are hardware controls of the headphones volume, not MIDI mapped controls.

If you want an MIDI control for Cue / Master, i suggest to map instead:
- Shift+PFL (prelisten = Pre Fader Listening) Left deck : Cue
- Shift+PFL (prelisten = Pre Fader listening) right deck : Master
instead of previewing deck 3 with Shift+PFL left deck, and previewing deck 4 with Shift + PFL Right deck.

Please let me know what you think of it as I will not do a mapping without your preliminary approval.