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Hercules Jogvision connectivity


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Posted on 11/06/22 at 18:53:42
Hi All,
My laptop wont recorgnise my Jogvision controller am using win 10 x64 laptop,
Anyone with a solution for me? i really love this controller.

User Experience Team

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Posted on 11/08/22 at 19:08:04
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Hello K-Stone,

Welcome to the forum.

Please confirm if your DJ controller currently works on another computer.

The most common issue on DJControl Jogvision is the power adapter becoming slightly off so that the controller lights up but is no longer detected, and for this case replacing the power adapter by a regulated power adapter of 5 to 7.5v, 1.5A or 2A, 1/4 inch power plug is a simple fix.
When using a power adapter in a perfectly stable power network, the power adapter lasts long, but when using the power adapter in an area where the power network is not so good, the power adapter live cycle is shorter because the variations of the incoming power make it become too hot.

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