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Master & Headphones Knob Mapping to DJUCED Knob (STARLIGHT)


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Posted on 09/17/22 at 19:00:38
Hello there, I am using a DJCONTROL STARLIGHT for controlling decks 3 & 4 in conjunction with the Hercules Inpulse 500. So I require the L & R Master Knobs to control either gain or volume for left and right tracks.

I am having issue mapping the Master & Headphone knobs to midi in DJUCED. The midi signal is never picked up by DJUCED, despite being picked up in all other DJ and MIDI programs.

Mapping all other knobs is not an issue, for me.

The knobs are on MIDI channels:
  • Master (b0 03) [undefined midi CC]
  • Headphones (b0 04) [foot controller midi CC]

An example for the current XML mapping is:
<control name="MASTER_VOL_L">
   <output type="interval" name="MASTER_L" message="b0 03 3f" min="0" max="7f"/>
   <lsbit-input type="toggle" message="b0 23 3f" min="0" max="7f"/>

Even though the knobs ARE HARDWARE, they are still detected in VirtualDj and Mixxx, and are fully mappable even though they also change master and headphone master levels simultaneously.

If anyone knows why DJUCED cannot recognise these knobs, I would greatly appreciate knowing how to change it.

Thanks in advance,