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Hercules inpulse 200 + Launchpad


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Posted on 02/07/21 at 22:30:09
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Hello all,

Was checking youtube recently and have noticed that lots of people using launchpads with mix controllers.

So the question is we got Hercules inpulse 200 with djuced(mac) is it possible to sync it with Novation Launchpad mini (Ableton Live) for same output via hercules controller? Because the set up output is via Hercules inpulse RCA cables to Active monitors. If not, than how we can connect controller + launchpad for same output speakers?

Thank you in advance. 

User Experience Team

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Posted on 02/08/21 at 14:42:12
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Hello Rem1x,

Djuced can be controlled only by Hercules DJ controllers: adding third party controllers as Launchpad Mini requires updates.
Adding Launchpad Mini may require additionnal license fees since if it is used for a non Hercules controller, Hercules license may not cover this license.