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DJ Console 4-Mx Gain Regler Probleme

Dj Liquid XTC

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Posted on 09/01/23 at 21:36:31
Ich habe Probleme mit meiner DJ Console 4-Mx von Hercules.
Der Gain Regler springt von normaler Lautstärke auf volle Lautstärke bei leichtester Berührung des Reglers.
Ich vermute mal durch Staub etc. da das Problem liegt. 
Nun meine Frage kann man sich da vielleicht selbst helfen (Kontaktspray o. Druckluft etc)?
Und gibt es vielleicht eine Reinigungsanleitung oder ähnliches für DJ Console 4-Mx?
MfG Dj Liquid XTC

User Experience Team

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Posted on 09/03/23 at 22:28:04
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Welcome to the forum.
1) The first step is to remove the cap of the gain potentiometer where you meet this issue and to try with an air spray like that at the basis of the potentiometer if the air can remove a disturbing particle.
2) If it does not work, the second step will be to remove the printed circult board, to clean it (still with an air spray), but it is a pain to re-assemble the 4-Mx (complicated with screws since each time I re-assemble, my Play Cue keys no longer work as I turn too much the screws).
3) And if it still does not work, the last step is to remove the printed circuit board, to unsolder the rotary potentiometer of gain and to install a new gain potentiometer. 

I have sent you an invitation, on If the 1st step (removing the gain cap and cleaning the basis of the potentiometer with an air spreay) is not sufficient, please accept my invitation and send me a message on the forum private messaging so that I send you DJConsole 4-Mx disassembling guidelines.