DJControl Mix / Change FX controlled by DJControl Mix pads in djay iOS

DJControl Mix 4-pad per deck enable/disable 4 FX in FX mode in djay iOS & Android.

Changing the FX assigned to the DJControl Mix pads is not possible in djay 3 for Android, but it is possible in djay 3 for iOS (both Free and Pro version).
  • Display djay in 2-turntables mode
  • Press on the mixer icon below the tempo fader
  • Press on FX
  • Select Instant: the top 4 Instant FX match the 4 pads on the DJ controller
  • Press on the pencil icon:  3 dots appear on right of each FX name
  • Press on the 3-dot icon for the pad FX: you can select your FX in a list of 8 FX: Absorb, Chop, Crush, Drift, Punch, Sway, Twist, Wash

  • If you have djay Pro, you have more options : Neural Mix, Echo Out 1/4, Echo Out 3/4, Loop 1/2


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DJControl Mix / Change sample packs in djay iOS / Android

In pad Sampler mode, DJControl Mix control 8 samples, 4 on left deck, 4 on right deck, in djay iOS & Android.

To change the samples assigned to DJControl Mix pads.
  • Show the sampler in clicking on the 9-square icon close to the waveform icon.

  • Press on the sample pack name (by default, it is the pack called Essentials) on left of the weveform icon.
  • You reach a menu with the available sample packs
  • djay free offers a few free sample packs 
  • djay loads the samples of the large pack selected, as Hip-Hop Vol. 4

  • or as House Bass

  • djay Pro provides more sample packs.


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Pair a Bluetooth LE controller in macOS

To add a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) controller in macOS

1) Power the Bluetooth LE controller

2) Go in macOS > Applications > Utilities

3) Run Audio MIDI Setup

4) Click on the Bluetooth logo on top right, close to the keyboard icon

5) The bluetooth configuration scans and detects the Bluetooth LE controller, if any

6) In the column Action, click on the "Connect" button to pair the Bluetooth LE controller

7) In MIDI Studio, the Bluetooth LE controller is displayed with a bluetooth icon.


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