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Choose A Platform Bed for People with Back Pain

When you have no idea what kind of platform bed you are looking for, it can be difficult to find the right one. Having back pain is not easy, and it gets worse when you cannot sleep comfortably. Your posture needs to be right if you are to fight back pain. There are varieties of platform beds in the market, and thus, it is paramount you understand what you should look out for.

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Here are some of the things you should look for if you have back issues, to decide if the bed is right for you.

The Height of the Platform Bed

Platform beds are low to the ground compared to regular beds. Not all heights will be appropriate for people with back pains. One thing you should take into account is that a low-to-the-ground bed is not appropriate for this condition. Getting out of bed becomes a struggle. It is worse when you are a tall user or you are elderly.

Sitting up at the edge of the bed also becomes an issue. You need to be comfortable whether you are climbing in or out of bed or you are sitting at the edge. Remember that it is all about your health, and you have to make it easy for your back. When choosing the platform bed, sit at the edge and test how comfortable it will be for you.

The Size of the Platform Bed

With back pain, one thing that you cannot gamble with is the comfort as you sleep. Having the right-size bed contributes to easing back problems. It should not only be comfortable, but it should also give you ample sleeping area. Where you can turn and toss, sit up in bed and stretch your back comfortably. For example, you should avoid twin or single platform beds and instead focus on getting a full one and above.

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The Surface

The surface of the bed is, by all means, crucial when it comes to back support. If you have the right mattress and bed surface, you will enjoy excellent support. It will be a relief to your back. With the firm support that they provide, it will be easy to maintain a good posture, which is paramount for people with back pain.


The height of the bed plays a significant role in preventing back pain. Climbing in and out of bed as well as sitting at the edge should be comfortable. If it is too low to the ground, you will have to strain your back when getting out. It is one of the issues that you want to prevent, and that is the reason to test your platform bed before investing in it.

Besides, make sure that the bed is of the right size. Get a full-size and above for comfort as you sleep, and also invest in an ergonomic mattress. There are numerous options in the market where you can get a mattress that supports spinal alignment.

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