• 31 years of expertise in computer-assisted audio processing.
  • 19 years of experience in computer DJing.
  • The creator of the very first dual deck DJ controller with a computer-controlled audio interface in its field.
  • The worldwide leader in mobile digital mixing controllers for PC and Mac®.

Hercules DJing's mission is to create innovative, high-performance, tailored products designed for amateur, semi-pro and professional DJs.
Hercules offers a range of specific products (from entry level to high-end), with particular attention paid to the design and integration of software and audio interfaces. The innovative functions developed by the company allow users to discover and master DJ mixing techniques, easily and while having fun, while at the same time offering total mobility.

Having become one of the worldwide leaders in 3D graphics cards, over the years Hercules has sought to develop and roll out its expertise into a variety of rapidly evolving markets. Hercules currently offers complete ranges of webcams, speaker kits, digital DJing solutions, mass market WiFi solutions, products for iPod® and sound cards: Hercules products capture the public's attention thanks to its constant quest for optimal performance and quality.
The Hercules DJ Mix Room responds to the needs of an ever-expanding DJing community made up of professionals, semi-pros and those just starting out. Mutual help, creation, networks, advice and challenges between DJs allow Hercules to be right at the heart of the growing movement around digital music and mixing. DJs, to your decks!
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