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i brani saltano quando carico mp3

Philippe Marlat

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Posted on 01/13/20 at 20:54:38
Ciao a tutti mi presento sono Filippo.
Ho acquiststo dj control instinct e lo sto facendo andare su un mac book air aggiornato a OS catilina 10.15.1.
il problema che ho riscontrato è che quando carico un file mp3 molto spesso mi fa saltare per una frazione di secondo il brano in riproduzione.
qualcuno può aiutarmi a risolvere il problema?

grazie mille


Filippo hercules dj control instinct mac book air catilina 10.15.1

User Experience Team

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Posted on 01/18/20 at 17:53:10
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Hello and welcome on the forum,

1) Please confirm you use Djuced 4 (here: and not the old version of Djuced which was on the installation CD of DJControl Instinct.

2) If loading a track on a deck makes a small drop in the sound of the track playing in the other deck, it means loading the track is CPU intensive for your computer, so you probably had not analyzed the track before loading it.
So you should analyze your entire audio library once before mixing.
Here is the process:
- In Djuced browser > Songs> select all the tracks with Cmd+A
- Press Ctrl+Touchpad click on Mac keyboard
- In the pop up Menu, select BPM > Analyze
- And let Djuced analyze your full library: if the library is long, it can take a long time, so do not run this analyze during a mix, do it before.