Prevent Windows from switching off USB devices

Windows power saving mode saves power by switching of the USB bus power, which disturbs most USB audio / video devices.

So to get rid of this setting:
1) Press Win+X keys, to display the Windows Quick Access menu
2) Select Device Manager in the list
3) Click on "USB Serial Bus controllers" to display the list
4) Find the first line with hub (USB hub, USB Root Hub, Generic USB hub...)
5) Right-click on the line and select Properties

6) Click on "Power Management'" tab, and uncheck the field
"Allow this computer to turn off this device to save power"

7) Click on OK
8) Find the second line with hub in the name among the list of "USB Serial Bus controllers" 
9) Go back to step 5 and do the same operations
... and so on until you have removed this setting from all your USB ports. 

Hercules STAFF3

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