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Sound Wont Play Through Speakers or Headphones


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Gepost op 22-6-2012 aan 22:50:19
Hey all,
I just recently got the Dj Console 4 Mx, I have a Macbook Pro on IOs 4, for some reason I m not able to get music to play through either my speakers or headphones. Ive changed configuration in Virtual Dj to every possible combination and tried swithing the speakers from input to output nothing seems to work. I am new to all this and I know there is something Im doing wrong because independently the speakers, headphones and tables work fine thank you for your help I really appreciate it.


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Gepost op 25-6-2012 aan 10:49:08
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I have never seen a MacBookPro on IOS 4 ;)
If you could make me a screenshot...

On the audio settings of Virtual DJ, please choose the "Hercules 4MX" as soundcard, then the Output 1/2 for the Main, and the Output 3/4 for the Headphones.

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