Hercules unveils the DJ Control MP3 e2

Hercules Brings the Sensation of Pro DJing to the New Mixing Generation

NEW YORK, NY - (September, 2009) - Hercules, the leader in portable DJing solutions for computers and manufacturer of entertainment hardware unveils their latest DJ creation, the Hercules DJ Control MP3e2. This new DJ controller is designed for teens and adults, who want to experience the feeling of being a Pro DJ, or anyone enthralled with the world of DJing, digital music and the latest remixes. Users can create their own mixes with the DJ Control MP3e2 which features two decks to mix music tracks on and offers the ultimate mobility. The advanced, lightweight digital mixer retails for $129.99 and will be available starting early October 2009.

The DJ Control MP3e2 is a new controller specifically designed to make mixing MP3’s easy. If you have a computer (PC or Mac®) equipped with a sound card, amplified speakers, your favorite music tracks and a USB port you are ready to rock the house with your personalized mixes. Feel like a DJ with a multitude of mixing functions at your fingertips including two mixing decks, two jog wheels for easy music track navigation, one cross fader and two volume faders for mixing two music tracks together and track speed controls for changing the pitch or tempo. Aspiring DJ’s can set the floor on fire by altering the music with the equalizer controls (bass, medium and treble ranges), adding (automatic) loops, multiple effects and even signature sounds. 

"The success of our products has helped spread the Hercules brand throughout the international DJ community." states Winn Keaten U.S. Marketing Manager for Hercules. "We are proud to offer this fun and intuitive DJ solution that gives novice users the sensation of being a Pro DJ" adds Keaten. 

Simple DJ Operations
- User-friendly automation for beginners 
- Cue point suggested by DJ software during audio file analysis (Included software: VirtualDJ® DJC MP3 e2)
- Track synchronizations with 1 push of a button
- Automatic loops on 1, 2 or 4 beats
- Lighter & smaller than a laptop
- Compact DJ control surface 
- USB powered - no extra power supply needed

Swift Mixing, Solid Controls
- 2 Mixing decks
- 3-Level equalization per deck for producing big sound
- 2 jog wheels to navigate tracks
- 1 Cross fader and 2 volume faders
- 4 Buttons to browse music lists
- 2 Buttons to load tracks
- Change your music files with your own effects
- Save your mixes as your own music files
- Non-slip pads ensure perfect stability

Runs on PC (Windows® XP and Vista 32 and 64-bit versions) and on Mac® (Mac G4/G5 and Mac OS 10.4)
For use with all digital music formats: Audio CD, MP3, WAV or WMA files for Windows®, AAC for Mac® OS

This new DJing controller succeeds the DJ Control MP3 by Hercules (Edition 1, the best-seller in its category on a global scale) and provides a number of additions including a new, wider, more slender design for comfortable mixing, broader and more precise jog wheels, 4 navigation buttons which replace the previous version’s joystick, increased space between the cross-fader and jog wheels, and more backlit buttons for mixing in low-light conditions.


Hercules STAFF3



Da guddha

Inserito il 13/07/2010 a 1.55.38

this is great for dj's that move around alot  

Da KaorganiK

Inserito il 14/07/2010 a 2.32.23
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Hello !
I just bought a Hercules dj control mp3e2
I my PC runs perfectly under Windows 32bits XP SP3
/ Toshiba tecraA8 / CentrinoDuo T2300 1,66GHz / RAM2Go
I've been more than 15 years a "happy-computerist"
I feel I got to tell you we are numerous (hello to Vista 32&64 users) to have problems with the drivers installation and the unrecognized controller (Hercules dj control mp3e2).
The driver "DJ ControlMP3 e2 Bulk" seems to generate problems.
Believing its properties, Windows suggests that the drivers are dammaged or absent :
"Windows ne peut pas charger le pilote de périphérique de ce matériel. Ce pilote est peut-être endommagé ou absent. (Code 39)"

As a large number of those controllers have been sold in France those past months, I would like to avoid a

Da KaorganiK

Inserito il 14/07/2010 a 3.04.35

massive social-dj-deception wave...
In fact, has a procedure been written ? Have issues been found ?
Because neither the reinstallations, neither the updatings would solve this hardware-recognization problem...

When VirtualDJ is launched, one can see an error message while the external controller is being initialized...saying it couldn't detect the controller and that the user should plug it in...
(some have tried an infinite number of times to apply those indicated manipulations...without positiv result)

I would like to suggest that this product page could display a link to a "troubleshootings page", listing types of known problems and Web-adresses (pages) of effectiv cristal-clear solutions.
We haven't found working issues in diverse forums...and we're looking forward to mix with our "mp3e2"...
Constructiv messages welcome...
Excuse the post if not apropriated or if common...
We (end-users) are waiting for solutions...

Best regards to all readers.

Da KaorganiK

Inserito il 14/07/2010 a 3.37.55

Sorry, but the word "issues" should be replaced by "solutions"...
We can't modify the posts once we have posted them !!!
Sorry for this 3rd post...but it needed to be corrected...

Da Markyall

Inserito il 22/11/2010 a 17.48.04

Why every time that I connect my mp3 e 2 at my macbook pro  I have to install it again and again ,....? And so it always got to read the bpm track of all my songs it takes much time and drives m e crazy!!
Also,why the whole time that I reinstall the program,my mac says that the device software can not be installed???
I would appreciate if someone could help me.
Regards to everyone ! 

Da djmark

Inserito il 02/01/2011 a 15.28.36

its an amazing device fos dj's!!!!!!!!!its very small thing with a lot of power!!!!!!! :p


Inserito il 09/01/2011 a 17.51.37

Cool For beginners


Inserito il 09/01/2011 a 17.58.08

--By Markyall
Should work normally, problems with computer?


Inserito il 09/01/2011 a 18.04.00

I have established on a window 7, with the virtual DJ, problems haven't arisen, all is excellent
all good luck Smile

Da paquito90

Inserito il 03/14/11 a 10:47:33

pour une petite platine ca vat .et en plus sa gere Cool

Da fabio

Inserito il 04/04/11 a 17:33:39

hola a todos soy de peru tengo un dj control mp3 quisiera saber si me pueden ayudar e perdido la hoja donde tenia a puntado mi serial y ya no puedo instalar ni utilizar quisiera saber si saben de algun key gen para virtual dj DJC edtion 3.4.1 o si se puede utilizar otra version con la consola

Da thefomas

Inserito il 05/02/11 a 20:38:35

ciao a tutti !!Laughing
volevo alcune informazioni : volevo sapere: hercules mp3 e2 funzione con quale versione di virtual dj?io uso virtual dj versione 7.0.2 HOME funziona ?
per avere il pre ascolto in cuffia devo necessariamente avere la doppia scheda audio nel computer o non è necessaria ??
grazie !!
rispondete per favore !!

Da dav96x

Inserito il 08/13/11 a 10:41:22
Questo commento è stato segnalato ai moderatori

anche io come il mio collega volevo sapere come si fa per le cuffie ad avere la possibilita di ascolto e se serve una doppia scheda audio se potete rispondermi :grazie

Da Jappie

Inserito il 08/18/11 a 15:00:44

Mooi dingetje ik wil nu wel sparen voor een 4-MX!
Na een tijdje merk je wel dat hij niet heel veel in zich heeft maar, dit is zo'n vette controller!

Da DjMonster100

Inserito il 12/12/11 a 21:03:50

bonjour je m'adresse à la communauté entière qui comprends le site j'aimerais savoir si c'est possible d'avoir un skin gratuit sur virtual dj pour la console  Wink

                                                                                                        merci d'avance

Da DredBass

Inserito il 01/25/12 a 03:22:22

Great little monster!

Heres a mix i made with it :)
http://soundcloud.com/c-330/newnewn ew-swag-mix

Da lickmysole

Inserito il 06/27/12 a 23:33:33

Guys i really need help. so i just got this mixer today, but it didnt come with a software cd. i downloaded virtual dj pro7 but i dont know how to configure the controller. can somebody please help. thx

Da DJ Shami

Inserito il 08/10/12 a 17:55:29

amazing little masterpiece.....!!!!!
this is my first buy from hercules and im loving it....

Da DJ Domenic

Inserito il 08/01/13 a 22:29:45

Cette platine est bien pour débuter Cool

Da djbibi

Inserito il 08/18/13 a 15:14:49

j ai besoin d aide svp 


Inserito il 12/26/15 a 19:46:10

Buonasera,avrei bisogno di un link,per trovare i drivers per DJ CONTROL MP3 e2 per WINDOWS 7 A 32 bit.

Da Clem35630

Inserito il 04/24/16 a 18:45:41

salut je voulais savoir si elle etait compatibl avec windows 10 ?? merci

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