Tech tips: update DJ Console Rmx firmware

Here are guidelines to update DJ Console Rmx firmware in Windows and in Mac OS:
- in english ,
- in french.

Hercules STAFF3

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Da dj Borre

Inserito il 13/07/2010 a 0.27.12

que tal a todos!!!si alguien me puede ayudar tengo virtual dj pro y la rmx pero tengo un problema que no responden los botones de los effectos de la rmx como tales deverian, alguno me podria ayudar a como configurarlos o resolver mi problema gracias se los agradeceria mucho!!!!!

Da Dj Chris K

Inserito il 26/08/2010 a 13.54.46

To Dj Borre . Here is the tsi file you have been searching for d/TP_DJ_Rmx.htm . It works great on Hercules rmx

Da Maxdjack

Inserito il 26/08/2010 a 15.21.45

Hello DJ Bore,

If you want to control effects under VirtualDJ 6 Pro with the Rmx as you can do it under Virtual5, I suggest you have a look at Cioce Mapper pack released in June, you can download it here pper_Pack.html .

Da dj chucu

Inserito il 06/12/2010 a 13.10.21

hola   tengo un problema nesecito el nuemero del draiver de la consala hercules rmx  para poder instalarlo alguien me podria ayudar

Da Maxdjack

Inserito il 07/12/2010 a 15.04.59


1) The Hercules DJ Console Rmx drivers are downloadable here. The last version of pack of Windows driver is 2010_HDJS_3 and the last version of pack of Mac driver is 2.45

2) You can check the version of drivers you have already installed with your Rmx in the Rmx control panel, by clicking on the about tab.  

Da LagStar

Inserito il 07/12/2012 a 4.30.21

Guys! I need HELP!!!! I am using a Dj Console RMX on a Macbook late 2008 aluminum with OSX mountain lion, with Traktor 2.0.3. I have been browsing websites and blogs and what have you for the last 3+ hours, I have installed the latest controllers today, but still I can't find a solution to my problem whch is this:

My jogwheel will browse through files when the left and right buttons are selected, but it won't scratch nor move the track back and forth, so I just can't mix anything. 

I am playing tomorrow night and I am just exhausted, can someone please help me with this, its urgent!!! THX!

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