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Protection Error 5


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Posté le 01/07/12 à 19:49:12
I installed the DJ Console programs using the installation disk on the old laptop when I originally bought the DJ Console MK4 in Dec 2010. I just bought a new laptop and want to use the MK4 on it. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the install disk. I transferred the Hercules and Guillemot files to the new laptop and downloaded the lastest driver from the Hercules website to the new laptop. However, when I click the DJ Console icon, I get a "Protection Error 5" error. Am I missing a file or something? Do I need to get a new install disk?


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Posté le 01/12/12 à 10:43:23
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1) When you have a technical issue, providing a complete technical description is generally needed
- your computer: computer brand & model, CPU, RAM,
- your operating system : precise the version, as Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1 for example,
- your DJ Console Mk4 driver version (you write you loaded the latest driver, but as we don't know when you downloaded it, you should write the latest driver package: is it version 2011_HDJS_7 package, ?
- and any technical information (if you have connected the Mk4 on the same USB port on the computer as when you installed it, what happens after Protection Error 5 message, ect...)

In your profile, (My Space > My Profile), you should describe your equipment in the section Describe your equipement, where you can precise your computer and operating system, and select the Mk4 in your list of equipment.

2) If you have installed 2011_HDJS_7 package, make sure you have disabled the antivirus on your computer and used an administrator account on your computer.

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