Tech tips: record external sources on DJ Console Rmx

Here are guidelines to record an external audio source with DJ Console Rmx in VirtualDJ:
- Record the line input: guideline in english and in french,
- Record the microphone input: guideline in english and in french.

Hercules STAFF3

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Por Maxdjack

Publicado el 26/08/2010 a 15:46:00

Hello Trx MechaniX,

I am not sure of what you mean in say that DJ Control MP3 acts as a belt driven jog wheel.

1) If you want to shorten the response time in general, and reduce the delay, I suggest you use your sound card in ASIO mode, and you take a small ASIO buffer size to reduce the ASIOlatency of your sound card.

2)  If you scratch and want the playback to restart immediately once you release the jog wheel, it is an optimization requiring VirtualDJ Pro (you can set in VirtualDJ Pro in the Config > Performance tab). You cannot completely eliminate this delay as the DJ Control MP3 e2 has no touch detection in the jog wheels so that the software cannot detect when you release the jog wheel, you must set in the VirtualDJ Performance tab the leadtime after which you consider the DJ is no longer turning the jog wheel.    

Por alaope

Publicado el 01/11/2012 a 8:07:12

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Por Bailey Hayman

Publicado el 20/12/2015 a 13:22:46

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Por Jigar

Publicado el 10/10/2016 a 8:25:12

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