How to Update Your VirtualDJ DJC version?

If you have a DJ Control MP3, DJ Console Mk2 (VirtualDJ Edition), DJ Control Steel or DJ Console Rmx, you can download an update of VirtualDJ DJC by:
1)  registering on VirtualDJ website

2) in the registration, typing your VirtualDJ DJC 3 or VirtualDJ DJC 5 serial number (you must use your own serial number, since there is only 1 registration per serial number)

3) and afterwards, when you enter in VirtualDJ update area you can see the last update to download.

Today, the last available updates are:
- for DJ Control MP3 / DJ Console Mk2: VirtualDJ DJC 3.4.1
- for DJ Console Rmx / DJ Control Steel: VirtualDJ DJC 5.2.1

- An update is not a upgrade: an update is for free, and you keep a VirtualDJ DJC Edition, you don't get a VirtualDJ Pro version. If you want to get VirtualDJ Pro version, you must buy an upgrade.
- There are no updates for VirtualDJ DJC 1 which was bundled with DJ Console Mk1.


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