Hercules at NAMM show 2012 & CES 2012!

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DJ Steve Sharp, performing on the DJ Console 4-Mx, on our booth at CES 2012, Las Vegas, January 10th - 13rd.

As you can see, DJ Supersede loves our new Hercules DJ Headphones (here, the HDP DJ-Pro M1001)

And our brand new DJ Control Air was ready to chill'in!

Our booth at Namm Show 2012, Anaheim, california, January 19th - 22nd, with DJ Suga Ray

DJ Suga Ray's performance on the Hercules DJ Console 4-Mx

Dj Artie B and DJ Ralph M for great scratch session!



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DJ Control Air manuals

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DJ Control Air manuals are available on Hercules technical support website here.

The Getting Started tutorials are available in:
- English,
- French,
- German,
- Spanish,
- Italian,
- Dutch,
- Portuguese,
- Greek,
- Turkish,
- Russian,
- Polish,
- Arabic.

The reference manual is available in:
- English,
- French.

Hercules STAFF3

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