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Hercules RMX Mapping for Virtual DJ 7 pro Request

DJ Sammy

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Posted on 03/06/12 at 14:38:49
I have been trying to map and customize certain buttons on my RMX, It can get pretty confusing and its taking longer than I expected. Is there somewhere I can download a mapped configuration so i can just load it in my RMX?
Can the configuration be saved so i can load different mapping configuration as i choose to?

I know mapping is customizing so there can be so many different results. Just getting frustrated on how i can map correctly. 

I'm using the Virtual DJ 7 Pro with RMX. 

Thanks guys
DJ Sammy 

DJ Phatso

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Posted on 03/06/12 at 16:15:06
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Have you tried using some of the mappers available in the Download section of the VDJ web site ?

The Phat one!

Hercules DJ Forum Team