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Djuced 40 crashing hercules inpulse 200


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Posted on 03/03/19 at 00:21:04

When I am playing a song and try to load another song on the other deck, djuced glitches and my sound is stuttering, I can't pause the playing song for like 10 seconds and sometimes djuced just freezes. When i recently bought my hercules inpulse 200 controller this problem wasnt there.
PS. My songs are stored on a usb stick. 


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Posted on 03/04/19 at 12:14:37
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Hello Tim123,

Welcome on the forum.

Do not store your songs on a USB stick, store your songs on your computer local hard disk, or if you have no space locally, store them on a USB hard disk.
The access times on USB keys are slower than on the local hard drive or than on a USB hard drive, and unless your computer has very good USB transfer (for example with good USB 3.0 keys on USB 3.0 ports), it may share the USB transfer with the USB audio of the USB DJ controller, making the sound stutter.

The only case where I see no problem with USB sticks is on Mac computers with USB 3.0 ports, and with good USB sticks.